Nevada GMIS

SLATE was on the ground in Reno this week to attend the 2021 Nevada GMIS conference. The conference brought together public sector IT leaders from throughout Nevada, as well as gov and edtech vendors from the entire country.

Key Note Speaker - State CIO Alan Cunningham

Cunningham leads the state's enterprise IT organization, Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS). While individual state agencies house their own IT departments and leaders, he is responsible for the overall direction of IT in the state and is influential for all interested in providing tech goods and services to state government. Here are some important takeaways from Cunningham's speech.


  • A large challenge for the state of Nevada is the IT skills gap

  • Cunningham wants to carve out money in the budget specifically for retention, not just recruitment

  • Creating a culture of flexibility will be a future challenge

  • Ensuring employee trust will also be important

Organizational Connectedness

  • Cunningham is a strong proponent of a well connected organization

  • This means breaking down silos that limit communication and cooperation

  • Cunningham likes to have a complete sense of the state's IT state, including working the IT Help Desk himself

Digital People

  • Cunningham presented a live demo of an exciting emerging technology, Digital People

  • Digital People are AI-generated avatars capable of providing humanlike and personalized interaction

  • There many potential uses - help desk, help line, intake, directory, etc.

2022 IT Priorities

During his speech, Cunningham polled the audience of state IT workers. The question asked was, "Which of these five options is your top priority in 2022?" Here are the results.

Legacy Application Modernization


Security Enhancement Tools


Cloud Solutions


Identity and Access Management


Machine Learning/RPA


None of the Above


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